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    Meet Megan Ryan, MKT Buyer’s Agent and Chicago Luxury Real Estate Expert

    Megan Ryan Chicago Real EstateDrive. Grit. Experience. Dedication.

    MKT’s Buyer’s Agent Megan Ryan has all of the above and more. Megan’s extensive knowledge of the real estate industry and her commitment to clients make her one of Chicago’s best. Her 80% track record of repeat clients and referrals speaks for itself.

    With 15 years of real estate experience, Megan has a deep understanding of long-term market value, great relationships with top builders and a strong pulse on the luxury market. Her personal interest and understanding of design and architecture is a great added value to her clients, as are her fearless negotiating skills.

    “Megan is an absolute all-star! Her dedication to her clients, her work ethic and her belief system make her an amazing person,” said Joe Zimmerman, MKT Partner and Lead Listing Specialist. “You won’t find a person more committed to her clients than Megan. Everyone here at MKT admires her as a colleague, mentor and, most importantly, a friend.”

    Megan was running her own real estate business in residential sales during the housing bubble in 2006/2007, and when the market crashed, she took it very personally—a testament to her commitment to clients.

    “It was really devastating to me to see my clients lose so much money when the market crashed,” Megan said. “So devastating that I needed to slow down and take a break to recover.”

    During these few short years while Megan slowed down her business, she and her husband started a family. They now live in Evanston with their two children, who keep them laughing and busy with sports.

    Knowing she had a talent for negotiations, Megan felt a strong need to come back to the industry full-time and provide her services. In 2009, she became the manager of real estate/facilities for the Chicago Board of Education (CBE). In this role for nearly three years, Megan worked hard to renegotiate many lease deals that saved the CBE over $1 million.

    “I love saving people money, and it felt good making a difference in this area,” Megan said. “These funds saved were put to much better use for the schools and the kids. One of the best parts of all this was seeing how excited the teachers were when they got more classrooms and more space; it triggered the emotions I loved so much in residential real estate—people moving forward in their lives and getting into a home they love.”

    Those emotions and an invitation from Joe to join MKT when they launched their partnership with Keller Williams are what brought Megan back to residential real estate in 2015. And she hasn’t looked back since.

    “I absolutely love my clients and my team at MKT,” Megan said. “You know the saying, ‘iron sharpens iron?’ Well, we have a full set of knives here at MKT and all of us keep getting better and better at what we do because of the knowledge each of us brings to the table.”





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