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    Meet Liz Jones, MKT Broker Specialist, Passion for Real Estate and Helping Clients

    It’s not every day you meet a kid who asks their parents to tour real estate while on vacation. But, for Liz Jones, that is exactly what she did and found most fascinating as a child on vacation.

    “My grandparents lived in Naples, Florida part-time, and I was always enamored by the beauty and glamour of the homes there,” Liz said. “Each time we were there, I’d ask my parents if we could go to the open houses of all these massive, opulent homes in the area.”

    This curiosity and the influence of her mother, who’s been in the real estate industry for 25 years, has led Liz to where she stands today: a Broker Specialist for MKT Properties in Chicago.

    With a background in digital advertising, Liz has parlayed her account management and customer relations experience into a client-driven, responsive and thoughtful real estate business. Her astute listening skills ensure she’s 100% focused on her clients’ needs and wants, and her drive to produce excellent work leads to a unique cultivation of the listings she shares with them.

    “I want my clients to know they are a huge priority for me,” Liz said. “When I am with them, I want them to feel that I have their best interest at heart. I’ve been through the home-buying experience; I understand how much of a financial commitment it is to take this step in life. Homebuyers need someone they can trust, and I want to be that person for them.”

    Liz was born and raised in Illinois and has lived in Chicago since 2006. She loves the Windy City and is deeply familiar with its changing neighborhoods, with most of her time spent working and playing on the North Side. With the recent birth of her first child, Liz has honed her skills in navigating Chicago’s school districts—a great asset for young families looking to buy in the city and live where schools are best.

    When she joined MKT in November 2016, the team told Liz she wasn’t expected to close any business for the first three months. But, her inner over-achiever drove Liz to hit the ground running, and she closed four buyer sales and one listing within 120 days, exceeding her team’s goal by 500%. It’s this drive and Liz’s ability to work with all types of clients that make her a force to be reckoned with in the real estate industry.

    “Liz is a rising star that will continue to make an impact in the industry,” said MKT Properties Partner Joe Zimmerman. “Her experience and training in the corporate sector combined with her professionalism make her unstoppable. Her work ethic and drive to succeed is highly admired by our team, and her clients are always the focus of her business. It’s been so great watching her succeed, and I am even more excited to see where she takes her business.”

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